“A DISCOVERY” by Insha Kausar Khwaja

A discovery of myself
Curled around with dignity
Wore the garland of responsibilities
Untouched by emotions
In the quest for purity
Aiming at my miraculous iridescent designs
Taming the adulterated, intermingled thoughts
A discovery of myself.

A discovery of my myself
Amidst my sleepless nights;
In the constant humming of the air
Tuning to a lullaby for my dreams to dream in the abyss of joy;
and to allow my heart to break out from the captivation of the mind;
and to wander into the realms of love and certainty.
Where I shall be full of vibrant joy,
Where i shall gather peace,
Where I shall cease my utopian ideas
where i shall exercise my business in leisure,
Where I shall repose,
Its a discovery of myself;
An emancipation of women folk!


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