“The Denial of Words” by Shelly Bhoil

It all happened thereafter
that the verse began to rip apart
from the skin
without the grace of falling stars
the metaphor betrayed
the imagination
unlike the divorce signatures reasoned to be
and poetry became a starless sky
not like the blank page that beholds
the promise to be inked
it all happened after the moment
words began to be served for meals
that the words
left at the logic’s end
neither knitted into a warm nest for return
nor opened into wings for flight

Shelly Bhoil is a practicing poet and a learning academic who lives between India and Brazil. Her debut book of poetry, An Ember From Her Pyre and Other Poems, is due for publication with Writers Workshop this year. She is also co-editing a collection of essays on Tibetan exile narratives to be published in UK. She was an Honorable Mention in FLEFFC Story Competition in Ithaca University (US) and also the winner of Tahoe SAFE Alliance poetry contest (US) in 2011.


One thought on ““The Denial of Words” by Shelly Bhoil

  1. I am thrilled to read “The denial of Words“ by Shelly Bhoil. Shelly is a dear friend who I got to know, here in Brazil and I am amazed at all she has done and is doing now in India. She´s an amazing, hard-working and inexhaustible learner away from her mother-tongue. My congratulations on this lovely põem and success in her studies and activities in India. We hope to meet up again soon and I will (as an Indian/English/Portuguese speaking subject) try to follow her footsteps, and join the Literary Blog. Best regards joanajuliana1906@hotmail.com

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